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  • raptor alphatech calibration
  • ca8335 power quality analyzer
  • ca6550-wide measurement range
  • Raptor HV - High Voltage Option for the Raptor System
  • Raptor HV - High Voltage Option for the Raptor System
Alphatech Instrumentation Division is one the region’s largest distributor of test and measuring instruments with its comprehensive range of instruments from various well known brands.

Alphatech Instrumentation Division serves any instrumentation requirements particularly in the following areas:

– Electrical and Electronics Test, Measuring and Calibration Instruments.
– Monitoring and Analysis of Power Harmonics, Energy and Power Quality.
– Substation testing instruments.
– Environmental monitoring & Analysis Equipment.
– Laboratory & Educational Equipment.
– Process Control Instruments for Pressure, Temperature & Flow.
– Analytical Instruments for water & waste water industries.
– Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

The Mentor 12 is the most advanced three-phase relay test set comes with 10-year warranty which is the ultimate proof of our outstanding design and production quality standards
– 3 voltage + 3 current outputs, switchable to 6 current outputs. User-upgradeable up to 12 outputs (two complete 3-phase systems)
– 12 binary inputs + 8 binary outputs
– Auxiliary 0 – 250 VDC source to power the tested relay
– DC current and voltage measurement input
– 12 low-level outputs to test sensors, meters etc
– Ethernet LAN, USB and RS-232 connectivity. 
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Precision Power Analyzer LMG450/LMG670

– Compact and versatile measuring instrument for basic laboratory and field measuring applications, such as Motors, photovoltaic inverters, power electronics and energy analysis.
– Simultaneous capturing of fundamental frequency and broadband RMS values for instantaneous detection of losses, resp. high-frequency components.
– Modular configuration with 1 to 7 power measurement channels (alternatively 6 channels + 1 I/O card).
– Applications in Frequency converter, Power Generation, Switching Power Supplies, Research / Laboratories, Inductive Components and Magnetic Cores, Transport, Test Bench Design & Development, Aviation Compliance, Electric drive systems etc.
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This RAPTOR is a new technology primary injection system which smallest, Lightest and yet most powerful in its product range, which can be used as a Primary Injection Kit, CB Test Kit, CT & VT Test Kit, Switch Gear Test, Heat Runs, Ground Grid Testing, Recloser and Sectionalizes Etc.The Raptor-HV, also called the high voltage slave, is an optional product that extends the Raptor’s applications to tests that require the use of a moderately high AC voltage. This product can work only in combination with a Raptor Master and is visually similar to it.contact for more details>>
Earth and Resistivity Measurement on your transmission Tower
CA 6472& CA 6474
CA6472: The Digital Ground Resistance Tester Model 6472 is a portable measurement instrument designed to measure Bond Resistance, Ground Resistance (with and without clamps), Soil Resistivity, Earth Coupling, Step & Touch Potential.
CA6474: When used with CA6472, Can able to measure Ground Resistance of power transmission tower and tower leg.
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Power Quality Analyzer CA 8435 and Current Clamps from 5MA to 6500 A
– Real-time display of wave forms (4 voltages and 4 currents)
– Half-period RMS measurements of voltages and currents
– Intuitive use
– Automatic recognition of the different types of current sensors
– Measurement on any type of installation: three-phase, Aron, etc.
– Integration of all the DC components
– Measurement, calculation and display of harmonics up to the 50th order,
– Display of phasor diagram
– Measurement of P, Q, S and D power values (total and per phase)
– Energy measurement (total and per phase)
– Calculation of the K Factor & FHL
– Calculation of distorting voltages and currents
– Calculation of the cos φ displacement power factor (DPF) and the power factor (PF)
– Inrush over up to 10 minutes
– Capture of hundreds of transients lasting several tens of μs
– Calculation of Pst & Plt flicker values
– Unbalance calculation (current and voltage)
– Monitoring of the electrical network with setting of alarms
– IEC 61000-4-30 Class B
– Back-up and recording of screenshots (image and data)
– Recording and export on PC
– Software for data recovery and real-time communication. contact for more details>>
CA 6550 , CA 6555 10 & 15KV Insulation Tester Features
– Wide measurement range from 10 kohm to 30 Tohm
– Fixed or programmable test voltage from 40V to 15 kV
– 5mA max. charging current
– Large backlit LCD screen with digital display, bargraph and R(t)+u(t), i(t) and i(u) graphs
– Automatic ratio calculation: DAR / PI / DD / DR (ppm/V)
– Multiple test modes: voltage ramp and step with “burning”, “early break” and “I-limit” modes
– 3 filters to optimize measurement stability
– Calculation of R at a reference temperature
– 80,000-measurement storage capacity and real-time clock
– Optically-isolated USB communication for transfer onto PC and report generation with DataView® software.
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