Alphatech offers a wide range of calibration services for test, measurement and process
instruments. The scope of our calibration capabilities is so broad that many customers
have consolidated their entire calibration program with us.

Alphatech have well equipped calibration laboratory with master instruments traceable
from UCAS, ILAC and other known accreditation bodies.

Alphatech takes pride of its laboratory with the following key features:

Calibration of High Voltage instruments up to 100 KV.
– Wide range of Inductance, Resistance & Capacitance Bridges.
– High Accuracy Temperature Generator & Temperature Meter for Temperature
– Various Calibration of Instruments for Environmental Monitoring.
– Testing, Calibration and Certification Services of various instruments in Electrical,
Electronic, Temperature,Pressure, Light, Sound, Mechanical and Precision instruments.
– On-site calibrations.
– Loop testing of field instruments.
– Harmonic Analysis of total network in LV distribution.
– Thermo Graphic Survey.
– Energy Management Studies.

Some of our standard services and quality practices:

– Calibration test methods are referenced according to the requirements of EURAMET
EAL, NAMAS, NPL, British Standards, ISO and other known national and international
sources of physical constant as appropriate.
– Records of the history of each calibration standards.
– Controlled calibration environments.
-Calibration tolerances based on manufacturer or customer specification.
– Customer notification of “out-of-tolerance” condition.